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Cristianismo Ortodoxo

Christianity in China is experiencing spectacular, but turbulent, growth; by one estimate, the number of Chinese Christians could by 2030 have reached 250m—the largest Christian population of any country in the world.

Unless something extra-ordinary happens, only a tiny fraction (less than 0.1%) of those Christians will be followers the eastern Orthodox church, which you might have expected, on geographical grounds, to be the faith’s prevailing form. Why is it so relatively weak? In part, perhaps, because Chinese Orthodoxy’s position has been affected by some arcane jurisdictional disputes, which to outsiders can seem like bald men fighting over a comb. On the other hand, China’s Orthodox Christians have a distinguished heritage and they may not have said their last word.


Fumiko Takano mangás

Entrevista com Takehiko Inoue

Editorial Asahi Shinbun – China e a pesca de corais em Ogasawara

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Protestos em Hong Kong e a internet

Mark Zuckerberg e o mandarim

The main problem with Zuckerberg’s Chinese (and later on I’ll explain why I dare even say this) is how itsounded — namely, as if he had never heard of the all-important Chinese concept of tones. English speakers know how tones can affect meaning. “You’re going where?” with a rising-question tone at the end is a request for information. “You’re going where?” with a high-astonished-angry tone at the end is something else.

But tones in English mainly affect the shape and meaning of an entire sentence. In Chinese they signal the meaning of every single word. It’s hard for English-speakers to grasp how confusing it must be for Chinese speakers to hear their language rendered without attention to tones, which is essentially what Zuckerberg did, because it’s like explaining differences in hue to a color-blind person


China has a friend in Richard Levin, the former president of Yale University who now heads up online education giant Coursera.

“China is our fastest growing market, and our team is building initiatives and travels there all the time,” Levin said. “Many of the Chinese users are over college age and take the online courses either for personal fulfillment or to improve their job skills.”

Mar da China Meridional e seu potencial energético

There is another reason for China’s interest in the South China Sea: the large quantities of oil and natural gas that might lie below these waters. In May, Beijing made its interest in those resources clear when it sent a drilling rigcalled Haiyang Shiyou 981 into waters claimed by Vietnam. The rig is owned by China National Offshore Oil Corporation, or Cnooc, the country’s biggest offshore energy producer.

Visitas do presidente Xi Jinping




Japan leads the world in research and development of humanoid robots capable of walking on two legs. One key factor that seems to have spurred its advances is the influence of anime, according to Shimizu Masaharu, research director at theFuture Robotics Technology Center (fuRo) of the Chiba Institute of Technology. “Quite a few of the researchers involved in developing robots were fans of Astro Boy and Doraemon as kids. In my own case, as someone who earned a PhD in the system architecture of humanoid robots, I was quite influenced by being a member of what might be called the ‘Gundam generation.’”

Lembranças históricas

the government of Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, decided to remove a decade-old monument to Korean forced laborers from a public park after angry phone calls and protests. A similar campaign led the city of Nagasaki, long a bastion of antiwar sentiment, to delay approval of a cenotaph to Korean laborers who perished in the 1945 atomic bombing. The monument was supposed to be unveiled in April.

Expansão militar

Japan’s response to Chinese anti-access/area-denial threats rest on three planks: increasingly large helicopter carriers, next-generation 3,300-ton Soryu-class submarines and new Aegis destroyers.


Bashô e Mishima

Takeshi Kitano e a animação japonesa

“I hate anime, and Hayao Miyazaki most of all, but his animations make money, so I have respect for that,” Kitano said of the acclaimed director of a string of box-office toppers, including last year’s historical epic “The Wind Rises.”


Seo Taiji e Sogyeokdong

It is important to remember that, until late 1980s-early 1990s, South Korea was under authoritarian dictatorship. To be sure, the situation was better than North Korea’s–but not by that much. In December 1979, General Chun Doo-hwan rolled tanks into Seoul, threatened the then-president Choi Gyu-ha at gunpoint, and later appointed himself to be the president. When the citizens of Gwangju protested the coup d’etat,Chun sent paratroopers to the city and murdered more than 600 people.
During Chun’s dictatorship, the democratically elected National Assembly was no more than a shill. The true, shadow government was located in Sogyeokdong, under the name of the Defense Security Command. Growing up in the neighborhood, Seo Taiji likely could not help but notice the swirl of chaos surrounding the area.

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Presença chinesa na Ásia Central

Uighur pop star

Unlike the country’s majority Han Chinese, Uighurs are of Turkic origin and mostly Muslim. As with Tibet, Xinjiang is historically a contested space, held by a series of Turkic, Mongol and Han empires, including the 18th century Qing Dynasty, which gave the region its current name, meaning “New Frontier.” In the 1930s, Uighur leaders in the ancient Silk Road entrepôt of Kashgar declared the first of two short-lived East Turkestan Republics.

Tensão em Hong Kong

“Little Apple”

China e Filipinas

Taiwan e os protestos

Problemas das megacidades

E-Commerce no Brasil

Nenhum site vende tanto na internet brasileira quanto o chinês AliExpress, parte do gigante Alibaba. Segundo o Ibope E-Commerce, a empresa é líder em unidades vendidas no País, com 11 milhões de pedidos entre julho e setembro, bem à frente das 7,2 milhões de unidades do segundo colocado, o grupo B2W, que reúne as marcas e Submarino.

Cerca de dois terços das compras de brasileiros no site se concentram em moda e acessórios. As mulheres, aliás, concentram 60% dos pedidos de brasileiros no site.

Maratona de Beijing

Porta-aviões Liaoning

Entrevista com Teng Biao

Kevin Rudd e estudos sobre a Ásia

Mr. Rudd, 57, a longtime statesman, Asia scholar and fluent Mandarin speaker, will become the first president of the Asia Society Policy Institute in January. His appointment was announced six months after the Asia Societyofficially formed the institute, which it has described as “a new kind of think tank on the rise of Asia.”

Yan Lianke


Queda de ministros

Culinária de Fukuoka

Entrevista do Japan Times com Hideaki Anno


Fã do Kansas City Royals

Clonagem de cachorros

Comparações Brasil e Coreia do Sul

Por que protagonizamos um desastre e a Coreia do Sul um sucesso? O que nos diferenciou deles? Educação? Instituições? Cultura? Leis? É difícil dizer. Se alguém voltasse à década de 1970 não teria facilidade prever em a trajetória que o futuro guardava para os dois países. Ambos eram governados por regimes autoritários que usavam o poder do estado para induzir a dita industrialização. É verdade que a Coreia do Sul cuidava mais da educação, mas nós tínhamos abundância de recursos naturais e estávamos em uma região pacifica. Alguns vão dizer que as políticas industriais da Coreia do Sul foram melhores que as nossas, é uma resposta incompleta, por que fizemos políticas piores?


Novo presidente



Mas o menor e talvez mais admirado tigre asiático encara desafios para manter a alquimia que permitiu a um território minúsculo e sem recursos naturais estar entre os cinco países com maior renda per capita do mundo.

Entre os problemas estão o elevado custo de vida e o crescimento da desigualdade.




Conflitos marítimos

If China can impose its will in the South China Sea, at least five rival claimants—all much smaller, weaker Asian states—will be limited to a narrow band of the sea along their coastlines. China would gain greater security for its crucial supply lines of oil and other commodities; exclusive access to rich fishing areas and potentially vast undersea oil deposits; a much larger buffer against what it regards as U.S. naval intrusions; and, not least, the prestige and standing it has long sought, becoming in effect the Pacific’s hegemon, and positioning itself to press its decades-old demand that Taiwan come under its control. Arguably, it would achieve the greatest territorial expansion by any power since imperial Japan’s annexation of large swaths of Asia in the first half of the 20th century.

Visita a um hospital militar

Indústria de semicondutores

Baidu no Brasil

Desafios da agricultura

From a bedrock of traditional culture, and an engine of the post-Mao economic boom in the 1980s, agriculture has become a burden for China.

Farm output remains high. But rural living standards have stagnated compared with the cities, and few in the countryside see their future there. The most recent figures show a threefold gap between urban and rural incomes, fueling discontent and helping to make China one of the most unequal societies in the world.

Perched on the 2,700-mile border with Russia, the Chinese city of Manzhouli has acquired the flavour of its northern neighbour. Gilded domes gleam and buildings are adorned with white icing flourishes. Shoppers pay for fur coats in roubles and dine on borscht and salmon.

Xi Jinping e a filosofia

Entrevista com Ruby Yang

Although Ms. Yang might be best known for her Oscar-winning work, “The Blood of Yingzhou District,” released in 2006, she had already earned a reputation before that as an astute chronicler of young people caught in the middle of societies in flux.


Lições do Abenomics

Shinzo Abe e a China

Crônicas de Hirohito

Cafe Tailandês

At a contract coffee bean roasting plant in a suburb north of Bangkok, Masato Egami, managing director of Thai Ishimitsu, was sampling different cups of coffee lined up on a table, one after another. He then exchanged opinions with young technical experts dispatched from Japan and with a Thai official who runs the plant.

Acordos Japão-China

Carne de baleia

Turistas chineses

Yasujiro Omura, manager of the two duty-free shops, said red backpacks are popular among Chinese shoppers, regardless of gender, since the color is considered auspicious in China.

“Some customers ask us to make sure whether the products are made in Japan,” he said. “They seem to like them because they associate Japanese products with high quality.”

Solidão no mangás

More and more manga are coming out with titles that refer to being alone or having no friends, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The solitary protagonists are unexpectedly tough and content in these types of manga, which may be described as “botchi-kei” (alone type) works.

“Botchi” is an abbreviation of “hitoribotchi” (all alone). Most botchi-kei manga are set in schools, an indication that the authors are targeting young readers, mainly middle and high school students.

In 2009, when I visited Brazil and Thailand, young people there frequently told me about the group. They all said the group was marvelous, and at the time I thought people overseas were less informed about Japanese music than Japanese anime. But I was wrong again. They were more aware of the essence of Japanese music than I was.


Divisão política

Mais de cinco meses após o trágico naufrágio que uniu a Coreia do Sul no sofrimento, o acidente polariza o país e ameaça desencarrilhar a agenda política da presidente Park Geun-hye.

Ensino de inglês


Mudanças na educação


Pólvora e capitalismo

Muitos acreditam que a explicação da arremetida asiática foi a presença de governos autoritários em algum momento desses últimos sessenta anos. A chave da ascensão, contudo, foi adotar modelo de desenvolvimento de “nações-comerciantes”. Essa estratégia conjugou planejamento de longo prazo e um verdadeiro choque de capitalismo.

Todo esforço de poupança, investimento e política industrial foi voltado à promoção de exportações aos principais mercados compradores do mundo. E tudo com parâmetros de desempenho e prazo de validade.

Smartphones em Shenzen

Tratamento de diabetes na China com ajuda japonesa

Relações China e Camboja

Taiwan e tratados comerciais

Para virar a melhor porta de entrada ao gigante mercado chinês, o governo taiwanês luta contra a oposição para acelerar a aprovação dos Tratados Intra-Estreito

Pesquisas feitas neste ano mostram que mais de 90% da população defende o atual status quo em relação ao continente –nem independente nem anexada–, mas uma parcela teme que os tratados comerciais sejam apenas um primeiro passo para a perda da autonomia política.

Reportagem da revista Time sobre Joshua Wong

Hong Kong e questões de identidade cultural

The spark of the Umbrella Revolution is political: Demonstrators want Beijing to grant Hong Kongers a free and direct election of the chief executive in 2017. But the passions that have driven people into the streets are rooted in the desire to preserve a distinct identity from China — in areas like rule of law, freedom of speech and of the press, financial infrastructure, anticorruption institutions, education, Cantonese language and Western influence.

Restaurantes chineses nos Estados Unidos

There are more than forty thousand Chinese restaurants across the country—nearly three times the number of McDonald’s outlets.

The restaurants, connected by Chinese-run bus companies to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, make up an underground network—supported by employment agencies, immigrant hostels, and expensive asylum lawyers—that reaches back to villages and cities in China, which are being abandoned for an ideal of American life that is not quite real.

História do corte de cabelo dos delinquentes japoneses

The “regent” pompadour has been the go-to hairstyle for Japanese delinquents for more than eight decades

In Japanese, the riizento (リーゼント) — written in English as “regent” — describes a men’s hairstyle where the sides are slicked back and top is left long and put up over the head in a pompadou

Salaryman e o Prêmio Nobel

Shuji Nakamura, now a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, spent 20 years at Nichia Corp., a Japanese company based in Tokushima prefecture that specializes in lighting products. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal published in 2004, he described himself as a typical Japanese salaryman, devoting himself entirely to the company.

Desaparecimento de Kim Jong Un 

Pratos da cozinha coreana

É provável que “vamos comer bibimbap?” ainda careça de explicação, mas cada vez mais gente de fora da comunidade coreana entende o convite para mandar uma cumbuca de pedra quente que chega coberta de bap (o arroz) com carne, vegetais, ovo, molhos, tudo isso misturado.

“Tenho boa clientela de brasileiros. E cada vez mais gente interessada em conhecer nossa comida”, diz Regina Wang, dona do restaurante. “Antes tinha muito preconceito: achavam que só se comia cachorro e pimenta. Mas esse preconceito está se desfazendo.”

Webcomics coreanas


A China já igualou o total gasto pelos 28 países da UE em investimentos em pesquisa e desenvolvimento, com 1,98% do PIB, segundo os últimos dados da OCDE, correspondentes a 2012
Si no sabes quién es Schodt, podemos decir, resumiendo mucho, que es “el” gran pionero del manga en Occidente. Fue uno de los primeros occidentales que se interesó por el manga japonés, en los años 70, y que trabajó para que el manga pudiera llegar a Occidente, sobre todo gracias a su libro Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics. Este libro, escrito en 1983 y aún disponible en las librerías (en inglés), ha sido y sigue siendo uno de los textos de cabecera de los interesados en la historia y la dimensión del manga en Japón: incluso hoy en día, más de 30 años después de su publicación, sigue siendo fascinante y, para mí, resta insuperado