3ª semana de Novembro


World Internet Conference

“China can now look at the U.S. as an equal when it comes to the size, power and influence of its Internet market,” said Cyrus Mewawalla managing director of London-based CM Research Ltd. “This creates a tension in respect of who sets the world order in the digital universe. China clearly wants more power when it comes to determining world standards governing the Internet, but China sees the Internet very differently from the U.S.”

China e Rússia


Officials say Xu, who retired as vice chairman last year and from the ruling Communist Party’s decision-making Politburo in 2012, will likely face a court martial now that an investigation has been finished.

In March, prosecutors searched Xu’s luxury home in Beijing and discovered stashed in the basement “more than a ton” of U.S. dollars, euros and Chinese yuan, reported Phoenix Weekly, a magazine run by Hong Kong broadcaster Phoenix Television.



Eleições japonesas

Diagnosticar para curar

O Japão aplicou política monetária inspirada na experiência americana conjugada com aumento dos gastos públicos. Os resultados, porém, não foram satisfatórios. Depois de repique no crescimento, o país mostra sinais recessivos. E, com gasto público no limite, Tóquio já planeja aumento de impostos para reequilibrar as contas, o que complica mais a equação.

No Japão, os estímulos enfrentaram economia estagnada por muito tempo, com mercado de trabalho rígido e sistema financeiro concentrado. Nesse quadro, tiveram efeito muito mais limitado que nos EUA. Isso nos ensina que na economia, como na medicina, o remédio tem que ser adequado à doença.


Palavras de 2014


Though Japan is known for being a nation of meticulously crafted sushi and a sky-high number of Michelin-starred restaurants (Yokohama included), “B-grade gourmet” — code for food that’s fast, cheap and good — is currently all the rage here, with a ton of passionate blogs devoted to the subject. There are even B-grade gourmet food festivals that celebrate different takes on tasty, down-home cooking. Yokohama, the second-largest city in Japan and its historic center of foreign trade, has a cross-cultural history that makes it a particularly rich entry point to sample the range of what B-grade gourmet can be. Recently, I spent a few days combing the city’s waterfront and neighborhood shopping streets, tailing locals on a mission to track down cheap, comforting meals for every hour of the day.

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