Banco Asiático


Declínio na produção de aço

Protestos em Hong Kong e a internet

Mark Zuckerberg e o mandarim

The main problem with Zuckerberg’s Chinese (and later on I’ll explain why I dare even say this) is how itsounded — namely, as if he had never heard of the all-important Chinese concept of tones. English speakers know how tones can affect meaning. “You’re going where?” with a rising-question tone at the end is a request for information. “You’re going where?” with a high-astonished-angry tone at the end is something else.

But tones in English mainly affect the shape and meaning of an entire sentence. In Chinese they signal the meaning of every single word. It’s hard for English-speakers to grasp how confusing it must be for Chinese speakers to hear their language rendered without attention to tones, which is essentially what Zuckerberg did, because it’s like explaining differences in hue to a color-blind person


China has a friend in Richard Levin, the former president of Yale University who now heads up online education giant Coursera.

“China is our fastest growing market, and our team is building initiatives and travels there all the time,” Levin said. “Many of the Chinese users are over college age and take the online courses either for personal fulfillment or to improve their job skills.”

Mar da China Meridional e seu potencial energético

There is another reason for China’s interest in the South China Sea: the large quantities of oil and natural gas that might lie below these waters. In May, Beijing made its interest in those resources clear when it sent a drilling rigcalled Haiyang Shiyou 981 into waters claimed by Vietnam. The rig is owned by China National Offshore Oil Corporation, or Cnooc, the country’s biggest offshore energy producer.

Visitas do presidente Xi Jinping




Japan leads the world in research and development of humanoid robots capable of walking on two legs. One key factor that seems to have spurred its advances is the influence of anime, according to Shimizu Masaharu, research director at theFuture Robotics Technology Center (fuRo) of the Chiba Institute of Technology. “Quite a few of the researchers involved in developing robots were fans of Astro Boy and Doraemon as kids. In my own case, as someone who earned a PhD in the system architecture of humanoid robots, I was quite influenced by being a member of what might be called the ‘Gundam generation.’”

Lembranças históricas

the government of Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, decided to remove a decade-old monument to Korean forced laborers from a public park after angry phone calls and protests. A similar campaign led the city of Nagasaki, long a bastion of antiwar sentiment, to delay approval of a cenotaph to Korean laborers who perished in the 1945 atomic bombing. The monument was supposed to be unveiled in April.

Expansão militar

Japan’s response to Chinese anti-access/area-denial threats rest on three planks: increasingly large helicopter carriers, next-generation 3,300-ton Soryu-class submarines and new Aegis destroyers.


Bashô e Mishima

Takeshi Kitano e a animação japonesa

“I hate anime, and Hayao Miyazaki most of all, but his animations make money, so I have respect for that,” Kitano said of the acclaimed director of a string of box-office toppers, including last year’s historical epic “The Wind Rises.”


Seo Taiji e Sogyeokdong

It is important to remember that, until late 1980s-early 1990s, South Korea was under authoritarian dictatorship. To be sure, the situation was better than North Korea’s–but not by that much. In December 1979, General Chun Doo-hwan rolled tanks into Seoul, threatened the then-president Choi Gyu-ha at gunpoint, and later appointed himself to be the president. When the citizens of Gwangju protested the coup d’etat,Chun sent paratroopers to the city and murdered more than 600 people.
During Chun’s dictatorship, the democratically elected National Assembly was no more than a shill. The true, shadow government was located in Sogyeokdong, under the name of the Defense Security Command. Growing up in the neighborhood, Seo Taiji likely could not help but notice the swirl of chaos surrounding the area.

Samsung x Xiaomi

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